Warisan furnishes high end hotels and resorts all over the world. From the Balkans to Bali, and California to Cape Town, you may find Warisan’s solid furniture, custom lighting and exotic surfaces in many of the top properties.

Warisan offers a wide variety of materials all of them ecologically sound: plantation or recycled woods, farm-harvested shells and many other recycled and sustainable products.

We ensure all our products to meet the contract standards by a strict material selection and manufacturing quality control.

Our USA team will guide you through the process of product selection, design, quotation and project realization to make sure you achieve all of your goals.

You can choose from our lighting or furniture catalogue items or create your own design with your choice of materials and shapes. Our aim is to incorporate our client’s needs and objectives into our design philosophy, thus transforming your visions into reality.

NEW ADDRESS !! Contract Office:

5619 4th St. Unit # 4

Los Angeles, CA 90036

  1. T.1 323 938 3960

  2. F.1 323 938 3959

Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

North California Sales Representative:

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